About Global Funds Management

Global Funds Management Ltd. (GFM) specializes in providing independent directors and related corporate services to hedge funds and the alternative investment management industry. Established in 2009 in the Cayman Islands, GFM’s boutique corporate management services are highly regarded, particularly with respect to alternative investment fund platforms. We provide independent directors and corporate services to a broad range of hedge funds, private equity and other investment vehicles.

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Corporate Governance

GFM’s core business is the provision of high quality independent director services to hedge funds and alternative investment platforms globally. We service funds that cover a wide spectrum of investment objectives and strategies, comprising of stand-alone fund vehicles, master/feeder structures, fund of funds and private equity, managed account platforms and large hedge fund platforms.

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Registered Office

Cayman Islands’ funds are required to have a local registered office which maintains the fund’s minute book and is responsible for certain filing obligations. GFM regularly provides registered office services to a range of fund vehicles in the Cayman Islands as an ancillary service.

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Corporate Secretarial

GFM can provide corporate secretarial services for board meeting support and minute-taking as an additional service. We are able to provide assistance in scheduling board meetings, liaising with service providers, preparing board packs, providing conference call facilities, attending meetings to take the minutes and finalizing the minutes for inclusion on a fund’s minute book.

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Serviced Office

The provision of a physical office and staffing for managers looking to expand their offshore servicing, which can include mind and management functions.

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Our Company Summary

Our Team

Our directors are highly experienced and have been appointed to the boards of funds sponsored by some of the world’s most prominent and successful alternative investment fund managers, representing a wide range of strategies and styles. With a breadth of experience and qualifications, our directors are able to provide complementary expertise which is increasingly focused on for board composition.