Corporate Governance

GFM’s core business is the provision of high quality independent director services to hedge funds and alternative investment platforms globally. We service funds that cover a wide spectrum of investment objectives and strategies, comprising of stand-alone fund vehicles, master/feeder structures, fund of funds and private equity, managed account platforms and large hedge fund platforms.

We provide directorship services to some of the world’s most successful investment fund managers and we have well established relationships with many institutional fund investors.

As the composition of fund boards has become such a significant issue for investment managers, who recognize the demand from investors for independent directors with the right balance of skills and expertise, our clients welcome the depth of experience GFM’s directors possess in areas such as Fund Administration, Investment Management, Audit, Legal, Regulatory, Corporate Management and Insolvency. As corporate governance for investment funds has grown in sophistication, we recognize that many managers and investors have the desire to populate their board with independent directors from different professional services firms.

Our directors are experienced with appointments that cover the full spectrum of an investment fund’s life cycle. We are not only able to add value in guiding managers through the establishment of new hedge funds but are equally adept at advising existing fund platforms and helping them change the composition of their boards. Our dedicated hands-on approach and limited number of personal appointments ensures we remain available, responsive and engaged. Our accessibility is a priority. We are selective with our client base to ensure we maintain our excellent reputation in the Cayman Islands and internationally. We enjoy solid working relationships with directors from other organizations and are able to assist with recommendations in this regard.

We provide governance services to a wide range of vehicles, including:

  • Cayman Islands’ Exempted Companies.
  • General Partners of Exempted Limited Partnerships.
  • Advisory /governance committees (primarily to onshore feeder funds or master funds limited partnerships).
  • Segregated Portfolio Companies.
  • Management entities.
  • Private Equity vehicles.
  • Limited Liability Companies.
  • Delaware LLCs.
  • Valuation committees.
  • Special Purpose Vehicles.